Starbucks ISN'T so bad
11:05 AM |

In another episode of "I'll teach you before you learn", I'd always avoided Starbucks because people said it is a "capitalist coffee giant" symbolic of a go-go-go society. Damn the man! Well you know what? I really wanted some chai this morning. I actually had money too, so I worked up my tastebuds and walked down to the Starbucks inside Chapters- ANOTHER box store giant, mua-ha-ha.
I ordered my grande Tazo Chai Latte and a skinny guy yelled to the procession line. I gave him my money and off they went, putting it together. I waited in the dark purple room, as nice, up-tempo jazz music played. People at tables engaged in what sounded like philosophical discussions, and the smell of coffee was goooood. (I only like the smell of coffee though, the taste is deceivingly different)
When mine finally joined the other drinks on the counter waiting for owners, I hurried over to the coffee condiments counter, shook some cinnamon on, and walked back to the office.
I didn't even have to wait to drink it- no tongue burning at all. And the first sip confirmed it: I am definitely a fan. The cinnamon-apple-Chai melee was so ... comforting. Good word. It comforted me with warmth, sweetness, happiness. Who doesn't like a nice, warm drink on a cold day like today?
Starbucks wins, for satisfying my Chai needs, entertaining me with jazz while I waited, and proving that there's something to be said about the successful ingredients of a capitalistic giant when it makes me this happy.