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I know, I've been away and lax with my postings. Its a fatal flaw, whenever it starts getting warmer I migrate to the closest deck-- all the better when its poolside. I've already slathered SPF 15 Sport all over me, but I figured while I wait for it to settle in, I'd tend to my business here. This week has been muey reflective. I had a mom fight, the kind where we both said things we didn't mean just to induce the sting. I ran away to my best friend's house and we had gelato. I snuggled with my little sister and talked about growing up. I had heart-to-hearts with little brother and realized he's more grown up than me. I cowered in a corner avoiding grownup things I have to do. I did this until I got called out.

I remembering whining to my mum when I was little about how unfair it was being little. How I couldn't eat Smarties whenever I wanted, I couldn't go watch movies by myself, I couldn't go on trips without my parents.

"Being a grownup is not as much fun as being a kid," she'd say, and already I'd stopped paying attention thinking what she was saying just wasn't true. "We have to pay bills, go to work and take care of other people."

But working sounded fun to me, and I didn't really know what bills were. I like staying up past what used to be my curfew, eating Gushers for lunch and snacking on Hot Rods and Joe Louis if I want to. But, being a grown up means getting fat from those things, and staying up late just means I'm tired the next day. Being a grownup is definitely not as much fun.

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