Living La Vita Libra
10:38 AM |

I think I came with something of an October child recipe. It wasn’t a cookie cutter of who I would be, or an unwritten book with only so many pages. But I definitely feel I came here with a few ingredients I’ll never get rid of.
I’m not one to check the astrology section religiously, and I certainly don’t make decisions based on what it forecasts. But when I fill out a “who are you “(figuratively or literally) I definitely fit into what an October child is meant to be.
I seek balance in almost every aspect of my life. I will never work so much I have no personal life. I will never be over the top or understated. I will be opinionated, but not obnoxious, etc. etc. I know August and February children who also seek balance, but I really feel that balance is what my life is: an entire balancing act, though the work comes naturally with my birthday. I am drawn to the arts and enjoy creative expression. I am strong-willed, independent and at times, even introverted (secretly). I am not OK with being a wallflower, but revel in being a big, bright colourful flower not to be missed.
When I was born, my parents had a birth chart written up for their oldest child. It measured the star patterns in space the day I was born and calculated, based on those patterns, what I would be like and what life I’d steer towards. I remember reading it as I grew up, seeing what strengths and weaknesses I was prone to, what life moments to anticipate. There were entries in my birth chart I remember thinking would be impossible to come true, but of course they did. Reading about a “large family rift that would divide during my late teens” seemed bogus at 13, but turned out painfully true at 17. It felt a little like being exposed by a psychic when I was surprised by things, but comforting like hearing from a good friend who knew so much about me. Some may say I was an example of a self-fulfilling prophecy, that I read who I was as I grew up and became that person. I know better. I know that while my environment nurtured me into what I am, my nature was responsible for who I am. Maybe you all have different experiences and interpretations for yourself. But I know I am an October child of a November and a February child. I am parts of them fused together with some new ingredients to be me.