Day off of what?
11:42 AM |

Today is my day off and my feet haven’t stepped back into my house since they left the doormat at 8:30. Over the next month, I have a cumulative 60 pages due in essays and feature articles. This month is peppered with a stint as my online magazine’s managing editor, an article on the conditional sentencing bill, four more weekly deadlines at my newspaper I edit at, and another article, with pictures, though I don’t yet know what on. I think I’ll call it “No-life November.”

1) I cannot wait to have one job, and one home life.
2) I will need to stop working so much in order to make the deadlines I don’t get paid for. Then I will become a canned tuna aficionado, as that will be what I can afford on reduced work hours.
3) Giving increasingly long essays to journalism students tuning the art of short, concise writing is torturous.
4) Some Hill reporters and Press secretaries have massive egos they need to check.
5) With fiancé leaving in just over a month for six months of RCMP training, we should definitely be able to fit in lots and lots of quality time…if time together involves him rubbing my shoulders as I engage in endless hours of eye sex with my laptop screen, and develop typing calluses from typing so many essays and articles.

Kill me. Or invent me a clone who can help do this work for me. Preferably of the Asian-genius, time-management excellence breed.