The eye of the storm
8:06 AM |

I am taking a breather, I'm two weeks in to the last month of my degree (excitement!) with two weeks of hard stuff till the end. This morning was my breather. It went like this:
Wake up when heater makes weird tapping noise.
Make bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats with milk-- cuz I got groceries last night! Yesssss!
Download Google Earth and mind is blown by actually being able to FIND MY HOUSE. Weird!
Look at clock and decide to postpone continuation of cocaine traffic essay until after yoga as 45 minutes is not enough time to "get into it"
Make a cup of green tea, that already has ginseng (something healthy?) and honey in it.
Pick some yoga outfit that is comfy, pour water bottle and begin my out the door routine. (This includes wishing my iPod into being charged for me to enjoy, putting on sunglasses and holding head up so they don't fall off my nose again, looking around to see if I have bag, yoga mat and keys, locking door, unlocking door to get my mittens, re-locking door and leaving)
Arriving cold to yoga with the hilarious Chinese woman who pulls on my arms and says, "See?" and smiles, and I'm never quite sure what I'm supposed to see, so I smile back. Try and remember to keep doing the funny yoga breathing that makes me feel like a dragon.
Hmmm, I didn't brush my teeth this morning. Resolve to do this when I return home.
And thus was my morning.
Now I will write maybe 3-4 pages of the essay, and then hop on the bus to meet my mum for a make-your-own wedding invitation course tonight at the suburban chain craft store.
Then's supper and going out with the girls, guest of honour being C before she leaves to build houses with Habitat for Humanity in South Africa. This is the same C who up and left to teach English in South Korea (from earlier post Ode to C) who escaped from the country in February quite James Bond-student edition style because she hated it there. Good for her, I say.