A Reality Show Evening
8:06 AM |

The BF and I had entered ourselves into Ottawa's Hottest Couple a few weeks ago. Rich was working an overnight shift and heard on the radio that we could win a prize trip to Paris, and he wanted us to sign up. So I sent in our picture along with a few sentences on why I tought we should win. They chose us as contestants, and last night we had the semi-finals at a swnaky bar, Suite 34. It was tons of fun: We (well I mean, I) got my hair and makeup done by these nice salon girls from Scissors. Then, once we'd all imbibed upon a few martinis, we had to stand on a stage in front of a crowd of well-dressed drunk people. We answered 3 questions without looking at eachother, newlyweds game style. We got them all right, of course, because we are a fantabulous-o couple. Anyway, then we had 15 seconds to passionately kiss. We'd known about this before hand so we rehearsed a sweet fancy dip. We did this then kissed for everyone and apparenty impressed the judges and crowd because they voted us the first place couple! We were SO surprised, we totally thought other couples would win! So now we move on to the final round April 22, up for a trip to Paris. So pumped! Mostly, though, it was such an incredible experience for me and Rich together. We won together, and that was the cool part.