I bite my tongue at me
12:27 PM |

Remember last April during Lent when I gave up celebrity news? Remember when I chastised it and dismissed it and said how easy and wonderful life was without it. Well, I take it back. Luckily, I am not a scorned lover and so I can take things back from myself. So I am.

While essays and deadline make me crazy, I have found solace in candy and celebrity news. There’s nothing Perez Hilton says that won’t make me laugh and think, “Oh no you di-in’t!” People.com is now my distraction from thesis supports and statistics.

Can I justify this by saying that as a journalists, I must keep myself up to date on all aspects of public interest, whether that be the resounding consequences in Iraq over the Saddam conflict or Eva Longoria’s new haircut?

(Sorry so short. School is robbing my free-thinking brain of all literary creativity, and even creation)