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Another blogger posted about people who don't seem to outgrow the high school clique mentality, who continue to berate others based on such things as suggested promiscuity-even though they are lawyers, professionals. (See post entitled Sad).

We talked about how unfortunate this is. I related to her that this was my experience with people as well, and she returned that indeed, some people are not socialized beyond the locker hallways while others have successfully breached adulthood and maturity. (Maturity is in the eye of the beholder of course. I hold that maturity can still be maintained while making fart jokes wearing over-sized slippers and eating Trix, so long as it is succeeded by academic discussions of Foucault).

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."

That's Eleanor Roosevelt, she told me. I remember reading that before, albeit in the context of a lame high school seminar about achieving your dreams. Her words return to me quite timely and have become a mantra as I again reaffirm my resolution not to get caught up in the drama, the gossip, the high school-esque clich├ęd cattiness. It does follow us, oui?

All to say, I am in a stage of redefining, evaluating, and adjusting-although what twentysomething is not? In the spirit of this blog's title, I find myself (my self I want to be) more apt to seizing opportunities and moments and joys rather than capitalize on openings, weak spots, entries into unproductive, soul-stifling gossip. Seizing the day, however, is quite hard to do when one is up to her cerebral input maximum equivalent of essays, presentations, papers. Lord willin' I'll get to the end of March with sanity intact, and, I pray, a little colour in my face, even if it is achieved waiting for the bus on the way to class.