Mmm, steak
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What is the answer men offer up when confronted with a stick-thin waif girl?

"Get this girl a steak."

I'm no waif, but it has been awhile since my last good steak, as a consequence of my being a full-time student living on a part-time salary. Not that I'm in any different a position now, but last night, my lips were a-licking and my tongue was watering for an 8 ounce cut of sirloin glory.

When the three-fold menu opened up, center stage was a highlighted box telling me about the steak selection.

"And what comes with the steak?"

"Garlic mashed potatoes and assorted vegetables including steamed asparagus,ma'am."

Haha, he called me ma'am, like I'm a grown-up or something, and I'm wearing aRoxy hoodie, jeans and classic white Nike sneakers. And steamed asparagus sounds really good...(although I heard it makes your pee smell)

Logic is never far in my mind behind reason, although spontaneity (or impulse buying as my fiancé labels it) sometimes gets the best of me and my MasterCard.After all, K and I would be splitting A's meal as a 22nd birthday treat. So I'd need some money for that. And then my cable bill, and Hydro is supposed to come soon, and C's going-away party Thursday will require me to purchase cover and booze...But how long has it been since a good steak? And doesn't a girl need a good steak once in awhile? Yes, she does.

So I ate it. I cut it slow and chewed the juicy medium cooked cow neck seasoned with steak spice. I didn't inhale it, because I've learned from Kraft dinner that when you eat it too fast, it hurts in my esophagus right above my diaphragm. So I ate it slowly, but not before things got cold. I cleaned my plate, which I never do, and finished it off with a cup of tea, because that makes everything settle.

This perpetually broke girl got her steak, loved every minute of it, and is not going to worry about how much it cost until tomorrow.

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