All better
8:12 PM |

Last post was about an awful feeling, so this will be about an awesome one.
It’s awesome to hear that a story I wrote made someone cry because they were so touched by my words. It’s exciting to see my name in print every day under the headlines of my stories. It’s refreshing to be respected and paid attention to after four years of screaming for sources and callbacks in the capital city where journalism students and novice reporters are no one.
It makes me feel so good when the stories I write really make people think, and when they tell me this. Or when the mayor calls me to tell me what a good job I am doing. And when my stories get picked up by the Globe and Mail for people across Canada to read, that is nice too.
These are things I thought to myself on my way to work, late, after fighting with my roommate’s car door, trying to force it open against the will of the ice keeping it frozen shut. Frozen because it dipped below freezing last night in this north of 60 place in October, and why would the car door open for me if it had been freezing out, really.
These are nice things I will tuck away when the editor asks why I missed something that CBC got, for when I find myself lacking passion writing about more mundane things like subdivision approvals and rezoning amendments.