The joy of my own cooking
10:58 AM |

One of the things Dr. Oz said on an Oprah episode this week about childhood obesity is that too many families scarf down food mindlessly in front of the television. What a travesty, he said, because no one takes the time to savour the food, to enjoy the textures and spices and contrast in the food that someone has taken the time to make. (You definitely lose extra points if it’s microwave meals: too much sodium, he said)
A few Christmases ago, one of the in-laws gave me The Joy of Cooking, the 40th anniversary edition. I didn’t pay much mind to it during my schooling years because I had the funds the support a culinary journey that seldom went beyond microwave meals and sandwiches. Here in Ross River, I’ve got nothing but time and it is actually enjoyable to flip through that book and pick out yummy-sounding dishes that I can make. I write all the ingredients missing from my pantry on the grocery list I bring into Whitehorse on my next trip. I return well-stocked and ready to try out ratatouille, corn bread, peanut butter pies and try out a game meat marinade for the moose roast in my freezer.
Taking the afternoon to stir, combine, whisk and bake is really very enjoyable. It is totally fulfilling to hear silence followed by praise around my dinner table from the husband or the guests we invite over. After all, meals should be shared, and the more around my table, indeed the merrier. Last night we had another couple over for my first moose roast and it was one of the most enjoyable foodie nights I’ve had in awhile. The red wine vinegar-based marinade made for excellent tasting moose and great gravy. The Yukon Gold mashed potatoes turned out just fine and husband’s garlic creamed pasta shells (his one and only specialty so far!) were finished right off before we all loosened our pants a bit and had tea with brownies. Tea caps off dinner like no other, I must say.
I definitely believe food tastes better when made from scratch and with attention and love. You digest that, and I think it makes a difference. It really is a shame there’s no English equivalent to the saying Bon appetite! But that says something, doesn’t it?
Make a meal, sit down and enjoy it, draw it out.