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I looked up chivalry to see what the hard qualifications to make a man chivalrous were. Turns out chivalry is a behaviour code that has to do with olde Knigths and the Church. Looked up gentleman and I found lots of information about the word’s roots and some info about Shakespeare. So, I don’t have a cool, contextual way to begin this post, my apologies.
I did, however, want to share my thoughts on modern-day chivalry. What we all understand it to mean today, that is, holding doors open, pulling back chairs. I work in a place with traditional, older men who are accustomed to orders, proper etiquette and a sort of hierarchal sense of where they stand in the building. (No, it’s not a gentlemen’s club or anything of the sort) It’s enjoyable to know they will always hold the elevator door open, allow me to exit through the doorway first and even address me as ma’am. It may be atypical but I think every girl, regardless of how pro-feminist equality blah blah they are, appreciates a gentleman. One who’ll bring you a drink when you need it, introduce you to the people you don’t know and reserve himself to only a brief kiss in public. *
I really believe any man, whether he prides himself on being a metro, or a bad-ass, whatever, could stand to learn a thing or two from today’s gentlemen. They aren’t a dying species or anything, but it sure makes moments nicer when there’s an element of chivalry in it.

* Saturday night’s contest kiss was a drunk one, no judging! Exception to the rule of this lady.