I feel like the kids AREN'T all right
7:32 AM |

So now JonBenet’s alleged killer says he didn’t mean to kill her, but that he was in love with the young pageant queen.
I got an email yesterday called, “Funny photos that don’t need captions”, and the first one was of two incredibly obese children eating at McDonalds.
And wasn’t Melanie Griffiths being chastised last week for lighting her teenage daughter’s cigarette while they smoked together?
What I’m trying to say is that I’ve recently started picking up on how prevalent it is for parents to put their kids in danger. I find it disgustingly selfish. Maybe they feel like they truly love their kids, and maybe in their hearts they tell themselves that they’ll do anything to be the best parents ever and make their kids happy. But do they ever wonder what happens tomorrow? One of the things that makes me so sad happens in front of me just about every day. I’ll see parents, most often young ones who don’t look like they were ready to be parents. The guy who looks in his early twenties, wearing low riding, loose dark jeans and a sideways hate, pushing a pink stroller, telling the little girl inside, “No, we can’t, stop whining to me, I can’t take you anymore, I’m sick of you!” It makes me want to cry, and/or punch him in the face, scoop his little girl up and tell her everything is OK.
I’m not a parent myself, so I can definitely concur that I am in no place to judge parenting styles until I do it myself and see how hard it really is. But I’m not talking about spanking versus non-spanking. I’m talking about parents who put their five year old girls in makeup and pageants, and then are dumbfounded that some sick pervert sexually assaults and kills her. Why wasn’t it the kid next door, the parents ask? Well, it’s because you put your kid out there made up like a seductive twenty year old, that’s why. And maybe you’re not very proud of yourself for being overweight, and maybe you’ve got self esteem and self-worth issues, but you have to be incredibly selfish, in my eyes, to make your kids suffer right along with you. How can a four year old know that they’re eating themselves to an early grave if that’s the only eating pattern they know?
And the worst of all- so many “rebellious” teenagers smoking in the garage and getting wasted at 13, while the parents wonder why? Well, maybe they shouldn’t tell their kids not to do exactly what they’re doing.
Parents are role models; they’re the first fully-grown people from whom kids learn about life. What’s going to happen to them when their parents are selfish hoo-has who are killing their children with their own mega mistakes?
I’m not sure from where this mood has sprung. It just makes me sad, I guess because I can’t do something about the father who verbally abuses his kids at the mall, or the drugged out mother who whores out her twelve year old. Things that I can’t fix or impact, things that I can’t “carpe diem” to make me sad, I guess.
PS- I’ll try not to be a crochety old “complain about things” lady in my next post.