I think my energy is bright blue
8:36 AM |

So, we’re all made up of atoms, just like everything else. Technically, when we sit on a chair we are not directly contacting our bottoms with the chair, but we are floating above it on densely compressed air atoms. Or, another blow-my-mind atom behaviour point: When I feel warm sunlight beaming down on my back, it is the rapid movement of atoms warmed up by the sun’s heat that are causing the warm feeling on my skin. When I turn all the lights off and wear silk pajamas under cotton sheets, I can see atoms repelling each other in the little lightning shocks that dance as I move under the covers. Atoms are busy little guys in an astounding population size. (They say on a pinpoint millions of atoms bounce around.) I like to acknowledge their presence once in awhile, and I usually get to thinking about energy.
If atoms are little teeny tiny balls of energy, and they make up everything, then technically everything has energy. When I look up the energy that comes with eating a leaf of lettuce (in nutritional info sheets), I am seeing what the atoms on that piece of lettuce will turn into inside of me: energy. I’ve taken this into account too, and so I try my best to ingest high-energy foods (that are healthy too, though the occasional Lemonheads candy spree is in order). If you’re really into energy like I am, there are ways to see the energy you have inside you. Some people can see colours around other people, like purple, or orange. This is said to be a person’s energy colour. I like to imagine energy as a blue light that flows through my veins. I inhale it all in through my nose, let it circulate to all the parts of my body feeding them energy, and then exhaling what’s left back out my nose and into the atmosphere, to meet up with other atoms and give energy to more sources.
One of the coolest ways I’ve seen my own energy in action was when I had an ultrasound of my heart. That muscle can really move! It’s so fast and pumps so much so far, I was astounded to look at the screen and see something inside of me operating like the big machines I’ve seen at factories. Only this machine is the size of my palm and operates on energy. Energy from atoms. It was pretty mind-blowing.
Energy is our fuel, it is all those tiny atoms running around and bumping into each other in a universally calculated way that keeps us alive. Thanks for energy, and let’s all make the most of it. Go running! Sing loud! Twirl around really fast! Energy from atoms, man it’s great.