Top 10
2:12 PM |

Moments I loved to seize today:

1. Eating sugary "weekend" cereal while watching teen movies at 7:30 a.m. before my day began
2. Being the only journalist in the room to ask the tough question
3. Striking up conversations with people I would have ignored had my iPod battery been charged up
4. Resolving to start my assignment after lunch and then actually doing it
5. Choosing to walk on this beautiful sunny day to actively spite the weatherman who promised me rain
6. Stopping in at random shops to see what's inside
7. Laughing at walking in the wrong direction
8. Talking about real issues and being candid with people, and trusting that it's OK
9. Drinking a bellini and stopping to taste the individual flavours "aromas" and swirling it in my mouth, not chugging like an undergrad
10. Enjoying a hug that went longer than normal, not feeling awkward about it being a long hug