Please can I can I?
11:34 AM |

I’ve often found that the most spontaneous, fun things I do end up providing me a great sense of adventure, pride and joy in retrospect. Piercing my tongue? what fun driving my parents nuts! Getting tattooed at a shady biker bar at age 15? Rebellion at its finest. Making out with that cute guy I don’t even know? Well, that one got me a husband. See?
It is with that blind faith in spontaneity that I got picked up in the truck after work yesterday and directed husband to a woman’s house in the subdivision next to us. I planned on waiting till we got there to surprise him with his Christmas present (albeit early) and I couldn’t even wait that long!
“We’re going to go see golden retriever puppies!” He grew a huge smile and looked over to the passenger seat.
“Really? You want one?”
“Oh yes yes yes!
We got to the house and two insane dogs jumped and greeted us with their crazy dumb dog smiles, leading us to the pen, and their human owners, around back. Two tiny puppy heads poked up above the pen walls and I was sold. Like, instantly. Him too.
So we went to Wal Mart to buy dog things we thought we’d need, like anti-chew spray and a cute pink collar for the runty girl we picked out. We called the owners to confirm. Our discussion was probably on parallel with that of eight-year-olds.
“Do you want it?”
“Ya, it is sooo cute.”
“It’d be a lot of work.”
“I know, I know, I know. I’ll do it. Pleaseeeee.”
So it looks like we’re getting a 13-week-old golden retriever puppy this weekend. We haven’t decided on a name yet, but we like Mango and Skylar.
I am totally unprepared, we have to dog-ify the house, I have no idea if puppies sleep through the night or if they need to get up and pee at some point. But it’ll be so much fun, right?