Wedding Planning Is...
8:39 AM |

Booking hair, nails, facial, massage appointments. Making seating plans, place tags, favours and table numbers. Steaming my dress, picking up and fitting bridesmaids'. Organizing groomsmen, buying rehearsal gifts, tanning, running, sleeping, hydrating, dieting, and whitening my teeth. It is exfoliating, writing programs, buying decorations, getting sheet music, setting up rehearsal, dodging stressful people, asserting myself, being a diplomat, checking the bank, applying for marriage license, writing thank yous, buying flowergirl baskets. Meeting with DJs, photographers, videographers, reception staff, MC and acquiescing to unique and inconvenient relatives' requests.
It is missing my fiance, bonding with my mum, laughing with my friends, planning makeup and hair and music and the morning-of.
It is crazy, busy, insane, occupying, and each day finishes with a sense of accomplishment with things I can cross of my lists, and worriedly adding others as I remember them when I should be falling asleep.
It is wishing I could do it all myself, worrying when other people don't do what they said they would and hoping that magically money will appear in my bank in time for the next set of purchases needed.
It is counting down the days (12 left!) and wondering how it will all come together. It is exciting to answer questions, happy to be doing this all at home, relieving to find the support of my friends and overwhelming when I think about it all too much.
But yikes what a fun day I think it will be! If it ever gets here in one piece.