Christmas in Whitehorse is coming!
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You know how in almost EVERY Christmas movie there is an iconic scene where the characters walk along Main Street doing Christmas shopping? Maybe it’s the wacky neighbours in their Christmas bragging war, scrambling to buy the most twinkle lights, or maybe it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to buy the last action figure. I have always liked when it’s a grandparent and young child window shopping, picking out toy trains or dolls.
The snow is falling slowly, cars are driving cautiously, the street lamps are decorated with holiday garland.
This weekend I got to DO that, for the first time ever. It may not have had the cheery background music or controlled wind of a movie set, but I felt so Chirstmas-y. All those years worth of holiday films’ brainwashing techniques actually capitalized in my own life: I found a spot on Main Street to park my truck, sideways of course, and tucked my wooly hood over my head. I walked lazily, wide-eyed into all the same stores I’d been in before, only I was the character on the set of my own movie, carrying shopping bags, smiling at little girls in dresses with their parents, wishing a Merry Christmas to all the cashiers. I found what I needed and then some cute stocking stuffers at the token tourist gift shop. If my life’s camera were to pan back with an aerial view of Main Street, it would capture me smiling, swinging my bags and kicking the snow, preferably with “Holly Jolly Christmas” as my background music.
I am now ready for MY movie Christmas!
Relatives come in Saturday night (the day after the longest night here in the Yukon, then we start gaining another 6 minutes of sun a day!), and we are getting their beds and towels all washed and ready. I have been scoping out the Superstore, figuring out what produce is available for me to make Christmas dinner dishes, and making tobogganing party plans for boxing day. That excites me because, until this year, boxing day has always been about hitting the mall to score on the ridiculous savings at my fave stores. Here in Whitehorse....well, there’s no Gap. So tobogganing it is! I have my eye on a $4.95 saucer at Canadian Tire I hope is under my tree next Tuesday, and that’s about all I hope for!
I can’t wait to wear my red apron over my Christmas dress and make bread rolls right before dinner.
I can’t wait to have a mini-panic as I realize I have no idea how to prepare a turkey.
It’ll be so exciting to wake up Christmas morning and have presents under our first tree together! We can make breakfast toast and eggs and OJ and play my Christmas CD!
I can put a cute bow on the puppy and serve tea in the tea cups I save for company! Because we’ll HAVE company!
It won't be as comfortable and traditional as a family Ottawa Christmas, but in a way, that's what's exciting. I'll have to put some of the presents under the tree late at night when everyone's sleeping, so I'll be in on the secrets for the first tie, but I think that'll be exciting.
Oh, Christmas is coming and in the movie of my life it’s gonna be full of comic shenanigans, realizations of what Christmas is all about, and me wearing a Santa hat that’s clearly too big but fun nonetheless.

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