Metrosexuals and My Romance
10:37 AM |

Metros: I think that’s a wonderful idea! Guys who can be fashionable, wear hair gel properly, enjoy art and not have to worry about being called gay as a derogatory term because they can call themselves metro instead. I know a few who do and I enjoy their company thoroughly. But just like we can’t assume all gay men have wonderful fashion taste, I know I can’t assume all self-described ‘metros’ are the same. Are metrosexuals self-described, or is it a label given by others?
Are they just as credible in terms of people you’d call when organizing a touch-football game? Or are they reserved for the list of people you call when going to a swanky night club? I personally enjoy a friend who has similar interests, and mine include art, music, art-as-fashion and books. Whether that be a girl or a guy who’d call himself metro is cool. But I’m absolutely pleased with my boyfriend who would gladly trade an art film or going shopping, for a night watching Die Hard or playing hockey. Opposites make things more fun in the end.

“…the way you love the first person that ever touches you and never love anyone quite that way again.” –Joan Didion, “Goodbye to all That”
I realize more and more as the calendar keeps a-flipping that I am so so lucky to have found my 'someone' so young. Someone once said sarcastically, “What’s the fun in finding your soulmate in high school?” (I think someone said it in a move, actually). You know what, ask me someday and I’ll tell you how much fun it is. :)