"Ya had a bad day, you're taking one down"
7:59 AM |

First of all I have to congratulate my little brother Patrick, because this morning he was voted valedictorian by his high school class of 2006. I am so proud of him!

This morning was so miserable, I actually laughed at myself. I had a bad sleep because I was too hot, too cold or too frustrated by bad dream that wouldn’t go away. I woke up early and was still late for work. I put on my pants to discover they’d been shrunk in the dryer. My gym shoes in my backpack were poking me in the lower back on my walk to work. My coat didn’t have a hood, so I brought an umbrella that blew inside out within the first few minutes of the trek. I got into work and realized I forgot my coffee money. Ughhh. It was so awful I couldn’t help laugh at how pathetic I must have looked walking into work. The hair I’d made myself late putting up had blown into a drippy, flat catastrophe. My skin actually looked gray.
This would be a perfect day to give up my run. It’d be so much more in keeping with the day’s theme to sit placidly at a table and read the papers or play solitaire. But it’s been almost a week since my last one, (I had to rest my mega-aching ankles), so I know I am going to have to kick my bum into gear and get moving. Maybe it’ll give me the endorphin energy I would have had from a cup of Tim Horton’s French Vanilla. It’s going to feel soooo nice to go home and put on my sweatpants, eat some refrigerated Dijon chicken and watch the playoffs with the boyfriend.